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Before making the decision to enter the U.S. market, I was a recognized Optician in Paris for well over 10 years. In 2001, with my ambition and determination, I decided to redefine my future, leaving behind everything that I knew, to hit New York City, that beacon of entrepreneurial sophistication. Less than a year later I made the most important meeting of my whole life.

That morning, I saw an unexpected crowd gather on the opposite side of the street. To my great surprise, it was Michael Jackson in the shop directly across of mine.
Being a huge fan since my young age and with great excitement, I approached Michael directly. I invited him to come to my store and look at my glasses.

Within 30 minutes, Michael Jackson had come to me and had purchased a pair after having tried nearly every pair in the store.
This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship : we kept in touch over the years, and a true relationship was born. Michael Jackson often contacted me when in need of that “special” pair for whatever his latest performance required.

Since that moment, I made several trips to Neverland offering the very best in luxury glasses to suit this superstar's needs.
In 2015, I launched my own eyewear brand, Oren Isaac, based on this extraordinary experience and with my commitment to serve all of our customers the same way I did for Michael or other celebrities ; I am now proud to offer that same exclusive and free service to each of you, with our try-on at home package, featuring 5 different pairs to select from.

Don't be shy to face it, you're a superstar !
Emmanuel Aboucaya Founder
 I am now proud to offer that same exclusive and free service to each of you. 
A superstar


Quality isn't negotiable. As such, we only use the best manufacturers, and our years of experience have given us the expertise to design a beautiful collection of acetate frames that not only look amazing but last for years! And if you ever break your frames, don't worry—we've got you covered!

The same goes for lenses—we don't compromise in any way. That's why we've partnered with quality lens manufacturers who will provide you with the best options for your prescription. We care about your eyes as much as you do!



are precious
we offer you


Oren Isaac's BPA-free lenses provide higher clarity and less distortion than common polycarbonate lenses.


We love what we do, and it shows in our beautifully designed frames that are made to flatter every face.


We're committed to providing the strongest, best-quality acetate materials for our frames so you can enjoy them for many years.

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Our Planet

At Oren Isaac, we come from a culture where recycling issues and environmental concerns are in our veins. That's why we urge you not to discard your old pairs of glasses, and why we're going to reward you for being a partner with us in this mission. When you're done with your glasses, send them to us, free of charge. Not only will we reshape the frames, but we will make them shine again. We will then send the newly renovated glasses to charity organizations. And we will reward you for your efforts with a $15 coupon!

We also want you to know that our focus is on eco-friendly, disposable accessories. Together we can become more responsible for our environment. Let's join forces and save planet Earth!


Let's Give Back. Together

Send us your old pair of glasses. We will give them a second life and then send them to charity. And we will reward you for your efforts with a $15 coupon!


You Send

Send us your address and details by e-mail: giveback@orenisaac.com. You will promptly receive an empty package to send back your old frame(s). Please note that because lenses are all custom-made, they can never be used by someone else, so they will be recycled.


We Fix & Donate

We will pop out your old lenses, recycle them, reshape and polish the frame, and then send the glasses to a charity organization. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. (Please use your own recycling method for broken frames.)


You Save

To thank you for your commitment, you will receive a $15 coupon toward your next purchase.